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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Jun 18

On the Road

By Ken Jones | On the Road

On the Road

On the road. It’s sounds so romantic. Doesn’t it?Seeing far away places, interesting faces, and spending evenings having dinner in some lovely little bistro on a hill that overlooks the lights in the valley below.Well, I hate to burst your bubble. But, unless you’re on a leisurely vacation with time and money to burn, what […]

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Jun 09

5 Good Reasons to Buy a Home

By Ken Jones | Buy a Home

Podcast Test

There are 5 good reasons to buy a home.I’m ​writing this post in response to some of the questions I received regarding my recent article, Why Your Home is Not a Good Investment. It seems, I gave some folks the impression that I’m not in favor of people owning their own home. However, the fact […]

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Jun 04

Politics and Real Estate

By Ken Jones | Politics

Politics and real estate are joined at the hip.And, anyone who doesn’t understand this fact is going to suffer for their ignorance.​Let me start by saying, this is not going to be some politically motivated tirade. That sort of thing has no place on this blog.But, what very much does belong on this blog, are […]

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Jun 01

Why Your Home Is Not a Good Investment

By Ken Jones | Your Home Isn't an Investment


While your home may be the single most important “thing” you may own, your home is not a good investment.But, before I go on to explain why, I want to make sure that you completely understand that I’m NOT saying you shouldn’t own your own home.On the contrary. In fact, I STRONGLY believe that owning […]

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