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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Jul 30

KJRES-003: An Introduction to Real Estate Investing

By Ken Jones | Podcast

An Introduction to Real Estate Investing

An Introduction to Real Estate Investing is the first in a series of shows that will provide guidance about real estate investing to new and potential real estate investors.

​In this show, I discuss the importance of evaluating your personality for strengths on which you can and should capitalize, and to recognize your weaknesses and how you might be able to compensate to prevent them from holding you back from being a successful real estate investor.

Another major point of this show, is the importance of establishing what I call, "resource relationships", being relationships with other real estate industry professionals.

​I also point out the importance of building a business relationship with an active and experienced commercial real estate agent, and how the real estate agent is the central player in the real estate universe in which you're entering as an investor.

An Introduction to Real Estate Investing will give you a basic understanding of the things you should be thinking about​ in preparing yourself to get a head start in the right direction as a new real estate investor.

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Jul 20

KJRES-002: The Dual Agency Dilemma

By Ken Jones | Podcast

The Dual-Agency Dilemma


​In this show, Ken explains the legal and financial risks associated with dual agency and how to minimize or totally avoid those risks.

Ken also identifies all of the different types of real estate agency relationships that either a buyer or seller may have with a real estate agent. He also explains each type of agency relationship, including various examples of each.


​- Define and understand the terms "Agent" and "Agency"

​- Provide an understanding of the legal relationships a real estate agent may have with a buyer, tenant and seller.

- ​Provide an understanding that each state has different legal agency relationships that an agent and a consumer may agree upon.

​- Learn why Dual Agency exists vs. other types of real estate agency relationships

​- Understanding the risks of Dual Agency to buyers, sellers and agents


Arizona Ass'n of REALTORS® - Real Estate Agency Disclosure and Election Form

New Jersey Ass'n of REALTORS® - Consumer Information Statement

Florida ​Statute Chapter 475-279- Authorized Brokerage Relationships; Presumption of Transaction Brokerage; Required Disclosures

Jul 14

KJRES-001: Welcome to The Ken Jones Real Estate Show!

By Ken Jones | Podcast

The Ken Jones Real Estate Show


This is the very first in The Ken Jones Real Estate Show series.

In this show, Ken Jones briefly introduces himself and gives an overview of his "world view" of the real estate industry.

He also explains how this show will help make you more successful in your real estate dealings, whether you're an agent, an appraiser, an investor, or just someone who's curious about real estate.

Jul 13

Wealth is the Basis of Freedom

By Ken Jones | Wealth


Wealth is the basis of freedom, which, in my mind, is a fact against which there is no valid argument.

I'm sure you've heard the adaptation of the Golden Rule, being "Those that have the gold make the rules." Well, if you look around today, as well as looking back through history, you'll find little, if any, evidence to dispute that saying.

​Let's face the truth; the greater a person's wealth, the greater level of freedom they enjoy. And, no, I'm not so naive to believe that great wealth provides TOTAL freedom. Because, I'm also not a fool, so I don't believe there's any such thing as "total" freedom.

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Jul 08

My Podcast is Almost Ready to Launch

By Ken Jones | Announcement


First, I apologize to each and every one of you for my sporadic blog posting over the past few weeks. I've been consumed by a series of events I could never have predicted, including an unexpected medical emergency.

Nothing to worry about. ​I'm 100% back to normal, and just drove back across the US (from New Jersey to Arizona) to prove it.

But, here's the ​news that I'm totally excited to announce.

First, in case you haven't noticed, ​at the urging of several real estate industry friends and associates, I've expanded the content of my website and my training services to include real estate agents and appraisers.

And, after several months of preparation, I'm just about ready to launch my podcast that will be called, The Ken Jones Real Estate Show.

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