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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Aug 28

Financing Your Investment Real Estate

By Ken Jones | Podcast


Financing your investment real estate covers the essentials of understanding how to obtain the right type of financing for you and your investment property.In this episode, I discuss the various traditional & non-traditional lending sources, their typical lending requirements, and the differences between a commercial real estate loan and a residential home loan.LINKS:​Veterans Administration​Federal Housing […]

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Aug 24

How Much Did You Lose on Your Investment Property This Week?

By Ken Jones | How Much Did Your Investment Lose

How much did you lose on your investment property this week?Why am I asking what is, apparently, a stupid question?Because, I’m trying to accentuate the fact, that while those invested in the stock market, which is greatest gambling casino on Earth, have lost about 10% of the value of their investment through no fault or […]

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Aug 20

KJRES-006: An Introduction to Income Producing Real Estate

By Ken Jones | Podcast

Ken Jones Real Estate Advisor

An Introduction to Income Producing Real Estate is a “must hear” show for those who are new to real estate investing, including new real estate agents.In this episode, I identify the 7 major categories of real estate and give examples of each. I then concentrate on explaining both the general physical and economic characteristics of […]

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Aug 12

KJRES-005: Risk – Understanding It, Measuring It and Minimizing It

By Ken Jones | Podcast


In this show I discuss the very important issue of risk and provide a detailed definition. I also explain how to measure the level of risk associated with a real estate investment and the steps you can take to minimize your risk.Understanding risk and how to identify it and measure it is absolutely critical to […]

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Aug 06

KJRES-004: Plan Your Success – Setting Your Investment Goals

By Ken Jones | Podcast

Plan Your Success - Setting Investment Goals

Plan Your Success – Setting Your Investment Goals is the second in Ken’s multi-show series based on his book, The Basics of Real Estate Investing – The 10 Things You Must Know.In this show, Ken explains the critical importance of setting a realistic investment goal. He also provides guidance on how to go about create […]

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