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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Sep 27

Don’t Become a Zestimate Victim | KJRES-010

By Ken Jones | Podcast

Don't Become a Zestimate Victim

Don’t Become a Zestimate Victim deals with the issues that, in my opinion, pose dangers to sellers and buyers who unwittingly rely on those so-called home value estimates posted by online real estate advertising websites, such as – BUT NOT LIMITED TO – and start this episode by generally explaining the concept of […]

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Sep 20

KJRES-009 An Introduction to Flipping

By Ken Jones | Podcast


An Introduction to Flipping is the first of several episodes that I’m going to do to provide insight into the subject of the business of flipping real estate. (Yes. It’s a business – it’s NOT investing.) Ever since I started The Ken Jones Real Estate Advisor website and The Ken Jones Real Estate Show I’ve […]

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Sep 08

KJRES-008 What Kind of Investment Property Should I Buy?

By Ken Jones | Podcast

What Kind of Investment Property Should I Buy

What kind of investment property should I buy – is one of the most commonly asked questions I hear from new real estate investors. It seems they’re more confused and perplexed about this issue that any other problem they face.Perhaps it’s because there are ​so many different types of real estate to consider. Or, maybe […]

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