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Nov 21

The 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange – KJRES-011

By Ken Jones | 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange , Podcast

1031 Tax Deferred Exchange

The 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange

The 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange is arguably the best available benefit to those seeking to built wealth by investing in real estate; it's also one of the most commonly misunderstood.

​In this episode of the Ken Jones Real Estate Show, you'll learn how you can quickly build your real investment portfolio by deferring the

payment of federal capital gains income tax by following the simply procedure contained in the Internal Revenue Code § 1031.

In this episode I outline all of the requirements of IRC § 1031 you'll need to follow in order to comply with the provisions of the 1031 Exchange. I also explain these rules in practical, easy to understand terminology, including:

  • The definitions of "relinquished" property and "replacement" property.
  • The specific time frames that must be followed;
  • The definition of a "qualified intermediary";
  • The role and responsibilites of the "qualified intermediary", and
  • Who can - and who CANNOT act as your "qualified intermediary.

I can say, without any ​reservation, if you're truly serious about becoming a real estate investor, or improving your present real estate investment portfolio, this 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange episode is one of the most important and most beneficial thus far in the Ken Jones Real Estate Show series.

If you have any questions, or would like to ​discuss this, or any other topic with me further, contact me by clicking on the   Start recording   button below and leave me a voice message right from your computer, smart phone or tablet. You can also send me an email, if you prefer.

Sep 27

Don’t Become a Zestimate Victim | KJRES-010

By Ken Jones | Podcast

Don't Become a Zestimate Victim

Don't Become a Zestimate Victim deals with the issues that, in my opinion, pose dangers to sellers and buyers who unwittingly rely on those so-called home value estimates posted by online real estate advertising websites, such as - BUT NOT LIMITED TO - Zillow.com and Trulia.com.

I start this episode by generally explaining the concept of value. I also explain, that, because value is so subjective, there's no scientific method for arriving at a precisely "correct" value. Even as a professional appraiser, I can only offer my clients an "opinion" of the value of their property.

I also point out the significant differences between the vastly inaccurate home value estimates frequently stated on the various real estate advertising websites and those provided by your local, professionally competent real estate agent and appraiser who analyze the most recent and most relevant local data to provide the most accurate value estimate you can obtain.

Although, Don't Become a Zestimate Victim is ​primarily directed toward home sellers, the same issues also effect home buyers, as well.

Here are a ​few links to other articles on this subject:

   Don't Rely Too Much on that Online Home Value Estimate NerdWallet.com

​   Inaccurate Zillow 'Zestimates' a source of conflict over home prices Los Angeles Times

   Low "Zestimates" on Zillow Turn Off Homebuyers​ USA Today

NOTICE: The term Zestimate is the Zillow.com term for their home value estimate. I use the term as a generic label for ALL online home estimates. It's neither my intent nor the purpose of this opinion piece to isolate Zillow.com for criticism, and it should not be interpreted as such.

​I'd love to hear from you about any experiences you may have had using the information from an online real estate advertising website. I'd also like to hear any comments or questions you may have on this subject.

If you'd like to share your experiences or thoughts, just click on the   Start recording  button below and leave me a voicemail message right from your computer. Or, you can send me an email, if you prefer.

Sep 20

KJRES-009 An Introduction to Flipping

By Ken Jones | Podcast


An Introduction to Flipping is the first of several episodes that I'm going to do to provide insight into the subject of the business of flipping real estate. (Yes. It's a business - it's NOT investing.)

Ever since I started The Ken Jones Real Estate Advisor website and The Ken Jones Real Estate Show I've gotten dozens and dozens of requests to teach how to become a real estate flipper. So, I've decided to cover this subject, starting with an general overview of what flipping real estate is all about.

​In this episode, in which I deal strictly with the single-family home, you'll learn the basic concept of flipping an how to find potential flip candidates.

You'll also learn all of the steps involved in achieving a successful flip project, from how to figure out how much you should pay to buy it, how long it will take to turn it around, or "flip" it, and how to calculate your profit.

​CAUTION: This is only an introduction to flipping; there is MUCH MORE to learn than is contained in this episode before you even begin to think about undertaking a flip project.

If you have any questions, or comments, or would like discuss something you don't understand about this subject, leave a message by clicking the  Start Recording  button below, or by sending me an email.

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Sep 08

KJRES-008 What Kind of Investment Property Should I Buy?

By Ken Jones | Podcast

What Kind of Investment Property Should I Buy

What kind of investment property should I buy - is one of the most commonly asked questions I hear from new real estate investors. It seems they're more confused and perplexed about this issue that any other problem they face.

Perhaps it's because there are ​so many different types of real estate to consider. Or, maybe they're looking not to make a fatal mistake on their first try.

But, whatever the reason, ​I'll discuss what I believe are the most important issues for a new real estate investor to consider in this episode of The Ken Jones Real Estate Show.

​This is a relatively short episode (only about 24 minutes). But, it's jam packed full of very useful information.

So, ​ sit back - put on your headphones or hook-up your iPhone to your car audio system and get ready to get some really good advice that will answer that age-old question, What kind of investment property should I buy?

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Aug 28

Financing Your Investment Real Estate

By Ken Jones | Podcast


Financing your investment real estate covers the essentials of understanding how to obtain the right type of financing for you and your investment property.

In this episode, I discuss the various traditional & non-traditional lending sources, their typical lending requirements, and the differences between a commercial real estate loan and a residential home loan.


​Veterans Administration

​Federal Housing Administration

Federal National Mortgage Association - FANNIE MAE​

​Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation - FREDDIE MAC

Have a question, a comment, or a suggestion? Just send me a voice message right from your computer, cell phone or iPad. Just click the  START RECORDING  button below and start talking. I'll get back to you just as fast as I can.​

Aug 20

KJRES-006: An Introduction to Income Producing Real Estate

By Ken Jones | Podcast

Ken Jones Real Estate Advisor

An Introduction to Income Producing Real Estate is a "must hear" show for those who are new to real estate investing, including new real estate agents.

In this episode, I identify the 7 major categories of real estate and give examples of each. I then concentrate on explaining both the general physical and economic characteristics of the 3 main categories that the typical real estate investor is most commonly involved with.

​I also take you through the various aspects of the leasing practices typically associated with residential property, retail and office properties, and various industrial uses, including flex buildings, as well as general and distribution warehouses.

​I'll provide a transcript of this episode to anyone who requests it. To request a transcript or if you have a question, or even a comment or a suggestion, just click on the START RECORDING button below and leave me a voice message. You can also contact me by email by clicking here.

Aug 12

KJRES-005: Risk – Understanding It, Measuring It and Minimizing It

By Ken Jones | Podcast


In this show I discuss the very important issue of risk and provide a detailed definition. I also explain how to measure the level of risk associated with a real estate investment and the steps you can take to minimize your risk.

Understanding risk and how to identify it and measure it is absolutely critical to the success of both the newbie who typically has very little understanding of the dangers involved in real estate investing, as well as the experienced real estate investor, who may be seeking to get involved in either an unfamiliar market area, or investing in a new and different property type.

This show also details the differences between "investing" in real estate and "speculating" in a high-risk venture.

​Regardless of your experience as a real estate investor, this is a very important show that you should not miss.

I will also email you a transcript of this show ​so you can maximize your understanding of this relatively complex subject and use it for future reference.

Please contact me to request the transcript of this show, or to ask me any questions you may have. Just click on the  Start recording  button below and leave me a voice message. I'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Aug 06

KJRES-004: Plan Your Success – Setting Your Investment Goals

By Ken Jones | Podcast

Plan Your Success - Setting Investment Goals

Plan Your Success - Setting Your Investment Goals is the second in Ken's multi-show series based on his book, The Basics of Real Estate Investing - The 10 Things You Must Know.

In this show, Ken explains the critical importance of setting a realistic investment goal. He also provides guidance on how to go about create your goal, as well as a detailed explanation of how to create a practical strategy to reach your goal.

Because the information in this show refers to the structure and function of a basic income and expense statement, Ken will provide a copy of his referenced worksheet for your review, as well as a complete transcript of this show to anyone who requests a copy of this information.

To request today's show information, or if you have a question you'd like to ask, either click on the  ​START RECORDING  button below. Or, send me an email from the Contact Me page.

Jul 30

KJRES-003: An Introduction to Real Estate Investing

By Ken Jones | Podcast

An Introduction to Real Estate Investing

An Introduction to Real Estate Investing is the first in a series of shows that will provide guidance about real estate investing to new and potential real estate investors.

​In this show, I discuss the importance of evaluating your personality for strengths on which you can and should capitalize, and to recognize your weaknesses and how you might be able to compensate to prevent them from holding you back from being a successful real estate investor.

Another major point of this show, is the importance of establishing what I call, "resource relationships", being relationships with other real estate industry professionals.

​I also point out the importance of building a business relationship with an active and experienced commercial real estate agent, and how the real estate agent is the central player in the real estate universe in which you're entering as an investor.

An Introduction to Real Estate Investing will give you a basic understanding of the things you should be thinking about​ in preparing yourself to get a head start in the right direction as a new real estate investor.

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Jul 20

KJRES-002: The Dual Agency Dilemma

By Ken Jones | Podcast

The Dual-Agency Dilemma


​In this show, Ken explains the legal and financial risks associated with dual agency and how to minimize or totally avoid those risks.

Ken also identifies all of the different types of real estate agency relationships that either a buyer or seller may have with a real estate agent. He also explains each type of agency relationship, including various examples of each.


​- Define and understand the terms "Agent" and "Agency"

​- Provide an understanding of the legal relationships a real estate agent may have with a buyer, tenant and seller.

- ​Provide an understanding that each state has different legal agency relationships that an agent and a consumer may agree upon.

​- Learn why Dual Agency exists vs. other types of real estate agency relationships

​- Understanding the risks of Dual Agency to buyers, sellers and agents


Arizona Ass'n of REALTORS® - Real Estate Agency Disclosure and Election Form

New Jersey Ass'n of REALTORS® - Consumer Information Statement

Florida ​Statute Chapter 475-279- Authorized Brokerage Relationships; Presumption of Transaction Brokerage; Required Disclosures

Jul 14

KJRES-001: Welcome to The Ken Jones Real Estate Show!

By Ken Jones | Podcast

The Ken Jones Real Estate Show


This is the very first in The Ken Jones Real Estate Show series.

In this show, Ken Jones briefly introduces himself and gives an overview of his "world view" of the real estate industry.

He also explains how this show will help make you more successful in your real estate dealings, whether you're an agent, an appraiser, an investor, or just someone who's curious about real estate.