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Feb 27
Discount Broker or Full-Service Broker

Recently, a new real estate agent asked: Should I work for a discount broker or a full-service broker?

In addition to answering their question, I felt compelled to create this video to go into greater detail to help new agents understand how I see the benefits and liabilities of working with both a discount broker and a full-service broker.

One of the main points of this video deals with the issue of training, the general lack of in-depth training found at most real estate firms, and the benefits of working along side experienced agents.

This isn't an assault on the discount real estate brokerage community; personally, I feel strongly that there's a place for discount real estate brokers.

That said, I also believe that discount real estate brokerage can only benefit those unlicensed people who are intimately familiar with the real estate industry, and their local market - such as local flippers, small builders, and the like. I do NOT believe that the use of a discount broker is a good choice for the typical home seller.

I hope you enjoy the video.

I'd appreciate your comments, especially if you have any additional thoughts on this subject that I may have overlooked.


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