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Take advantage of major changes in the real estate brokerage business.

I'll teach you how to:

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  • Reduce your expenses (and stress).

The Real Estate Industry is Changing

It's never been more important than now to become a strong Listing Agent.

The recent NAR lawsuit settlement (subject to court approval) has already resulted in huge changes in the residential real estate brokerage industry. These changes will effect every residential agent in the country, especially Buyer Agents, who fear they may become extinct.

I've listed and sold thousands of homes. And I'll teach you how to become the dominant listing agent and get the lion's share of highly marketable listings in your market area.

What is a Transaction Broker?

A Transaction Broker is a real estate agency relationship that an agent may have with either a buyer, a seller, or both in the 30 states that have already adopted the Transaction Broker agency relationship. (Check with your states' licensing agency.)

Unlike other agency relationships, the Transaction Broker has no fiduciary responsibilities to either the buyer or the seller.

A Transaction Broker can also work with both the seller and the buyer in the same transaction without having to obtain prior approval of the parties.

In practical terms, the Transaction Broker does everything that every other listing agent and buyer agent does to bring a buyer and seller together to reach an agreement, except:

  • A Transaction Broker does not represent anyone and cannot legally assist or advise one party to gain an advantage over the other party. In other words, the Transaction Broker cannot favor one party over the other.
  • A Transaction Broker has no fiduciary duties, including no duty of Confidentiality or Loyalty to anyone. This allows the Transaction Broker the freedom to use and share any information they obtain from the parties in trying to make a deal.

Like every other agent in all other types of agency relationships, a Transaction Broker must treat all parties equally and honestly, must act in a professionally competent manner, and must adhere to all state and federal laws, rules, and regulations related to the sale and rental of residential real estate.

I'll teach you how you can use the Transaction Broker agency relationship to help minimize, if not eliminate legal liability exposure. This training is important for all licensed real estate agents, and is especially important for those who work in one of the 30 states that have adopted the Transaction Broker agency relationship.

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What I Bring to Your Training Table

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Decades of Award-Winning Real Estate Experience

You'll learn from my 5+ decades of experience as a front-line real estate professional.

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Real Estate Training Professional Since 1978

I've trained thousands of real estate professionals since training my own real estate agents in 1978.

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As a former colleague and student of Ken Jones I enthusiastically endorse him as an excellent mentor, teacher and communicator.

After enrolling in some of Ken’s courses I witnessed Ken responding to students’ questions with the same concern and clarity that he had given to me. The same appreciation I had had for Ken’s thoughtful responses to my questions was evident in his students’ remarks. Ken’s real estate knowledge is clearly impressive as are his teaching skills. I gladly endorse his classes and real estate knowledge.

Gary Perillo, GRI, Real Estate Broker

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Mr. Jones is the most experienced real estate professional I know. In the areas of brokerage and appraisal, his expertise is exceptionally vast, including commercial property of all types and residential real estate, with about 50 years in the business. In combination with a willingness to share his knowledge with other professionals, and the public, Mr. Jones is a unique individual in real estate.

Todd LiPira. Real Estate Broker & Appraiser

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Ken Jones possesses a rare range, depth, and diversity of real estate background, knowledge, and experience. He has important credentials in real estate brokerage, consulting, appraising, and as an instructor. His well-developed ideas and deep understanding of the complexities of real estate and valuation were forged in the crucible of real world, multi-state experience. Ken brings, with his wise counsel, a sense of humor and generosity in sharing his expertise. I have known Ken Jones for over 20 years. I highly commend Ken without reservation to any serious professional seeking an expanded understanding of typical and complex real estate topics.

George Yager, Real Estate Appraiser & Educator