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Commercial Real Estate Basics

Essential Information for Aspiring Commercial Real Estate Professionals
by Kenneth J. Jones

This book is intended for newly licensed real estate agents and residential real estate agents who want to become commercial real estate agents. It's also for those who wish to become income-producing property investors.

You should know that this book is the required textbook for many of my commercial real estate courses and seminars.

It will take you on an educational journey that starts with providing the basics, beginning with the foundational definition of commercial real estate and successively building toward more complex topics throughout its eighteen chapters.

From identifying the different types of commercial property uses and detailed descriptions of the physical, locational, and market requirements to describing the detailed components of a typical commercial lease, followed by a deep dive into understanding income and expense statements, cash flow, and risk analysis. Next comes an explanation of general valuation methods, including how to estimate the value of an income producing property, and ending with explainin the 1031 tax deferred exchange.