Finding the right home can be confusing and time consuming.

And, working with the wrong agent will certainly make matters worse. This is especially true if you're moving to the Valley from another state, or from another country.

I've found, that buyers who employ the wrong agent ​frequently waste lots of time and miss opportunities they probably would not have had they hired the right agent from the start.

At the risk of sounding arrogant . . .

like you, I too don't have the time to waste.

Frankly, because of the attention I devote to every one of my buyers, I don't have the time to work with dozens of buyers at one time. And, I'm certainly not going to pass you off to a


relatively inexperienced subordinate "team member" just for the sake of trying to boost my bottom line - your transaction is far too important.

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I'm as selective about the buyers I work with, just as you should be about selecting the agent you'll work with.

After you review my experience and, if you're interested in ​working with me, here's what I'll do . . .

  • I'll explain the home buying process in our market area;
  • Provide you with a copy of each of the documents typically used in a residential purchase transaction (e.g. Buyer Advisory, Purchase Agreement, Seller's Property Disclosure Statement, etc.);
  • I'll also explain the contents and the importance of each of these various documents; and
  • Provide you with my Buyer's Questionnaire so you can identify the wants and needs of your new home. This will save considerable time in narrowing the search for your new home.

Take My "Familiarization Tour"

In order to help you get better acquainted with each community to see which is the best "fit" for you and your lifestyle, I'll take you on my "Familiarization Tour."

It's a leisurely visit through each of the various communities that fit your budget and the criteria you stated in your Buyer's Questionnaire.

​And, while we're out, we'll stop to walk around and have a cool drink. Perhaps, you could talk with some of the local homeowners so you can get a better 'feel" for each community to help you decide which may be best for you.



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After we find your new home . . .

  • I'll provide you with the most recent closed sales of reasonably comparable homes to help you formulate your Offer to Purchase.
  • I'll develop and recommend a negotiation strategy to help increase your chances of buying under the most favorable terms.
  • I'll write your Offer to Purchase and I will personally negotiate your offer (unless legally prevented from doing so).
  • Once your in Contract, I'll meet with your inspectors and review their reports with you. I'll also negotiate any additional items, as needed.
  • During the Contract period, both my Transaction Coordinator and I will monitor the progress of your transaction and update you with regard to its progress.
  • Finally, I will personally escort you on your final walk-through of your new home just prior to Close of Escrow.

After listing and selling thousands of homes over the span of my career, let me guide you through my home-buying process that I've developed to make your experience as smooth and as pleasant as reasonably possible.

If you have any​ question, want more information, or just want to discuss the specifics of your situation, just click the  Start recording  button below and leave me a voice message right from your computer. Or, send me an email, if you prefer.

​I look forward to meeting you, and helping you transition into your new life.