Meet Ken Jones

I train residential and commercial real estate agents, appraisers, and investors using real-world information and teaching results-oriented marketing and sales skills to grow their business.

I offer in-person and online courses as well as my weekly podcast, The Ken Jones Real Estate Show where I update listeners about current real estate issues and discuss various real estate industry topics.

Ken Jones

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My Top 10 Core Beliefs

  • Honor. Always do the right thing, even when you're alone and no one is watching you.
  • Always be truthful with both clients and customers within the legal boundaries of your fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Wealth is freedom. And the more wealth you have, the more freedom you will enjoy.
  • Family. Anyone who neglects their family in pursuit of money deserves neither. 
  • Success. To become or remain a successful real estate agent, appraiser, or investor, must obtain the highest quality of professional education and training no matter their career level, from beginner to experienced professional.
  • Training. High quality professional real estate training provides the student useful and practical information with value greater than its cost.
  • Dedication. Anyone who devotes themselves to do so, can reach the maximum level of success their abilities can achieve.
  • Equal Opportunity. Every working person at virtually every income level can build wealth by investing in real estate.
  • Risk. It is impossible to eliminate risk. But you can learn how to minimize it to an acceptable level.

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A Brief Overview of My Real Estate Career

Before getting into real estate, I was a professional recording artist starting when I was 14. At 19, I became the lead singer and keyboard player for The Strangeloves, a 1960s rock band with several major hit records.

After my life as a "rock star," which was followed by a failed attempt to fit into corporate life, a friend suggested that I try real estate. With no other opportunities on the horizon, I started my real estate career in July 1971 as a New Jersey licensed real estate salesman. To my surprise, I was "a natural" and had immediate success right out of the gate.

Ken Jones
Ken Jones

After working with several brokerage firms and winning several national and statewide sales awards, I opened my real estate agency in January 1978.

Success came quickly, and I found myself in desperate need of agents to handle the volume. I quickly hired several newly licensed agents, understanding that these agents would need training or they'd fail. And if they failed, so would my company.

The immediate problem was that there was no such thing as professional real estate agent training in 1978. So, I decided to train them myself.

My goal was simple: Help them become productive as quickly as possible by:

  • Teaching them the basics of real estate sales.
  • Taking them on some of my appointments to observe the use of those basics.
  • Go with them on some of their initial appointments to help them over the rough spots.

After a few weeks of intensive training sessions, we started functioning as a productive team of real estate professionals.

By using my aggressive marketing strategies combined with my statewide award-winning advertising programs and the fact that we did not belong to a multiple listing service, we quickly dominated our market area.

Appraisal Services

The early 1980s brought 18½% interest rates, driving many agents out of the business, including many of mine. At the same time, a retiring local appraiser asked me to take over his business; he specialized in property tax appeals.

In addition to my brokerage business, I expanded into real estate appraisal litigation for tax appeals and eminent domain/condemnation issues. I earned the Certified Tax Assessor certification from the New Jersey Division of Taxation and two Accredited Senior Appraiser designations from the American Society of Appraisers.

My First Office
Fords, Woodbridge Twp, NJ

As part of my tax appeal business, I created Liberty Assessment Consultants, helping reduce real estate taxes for hundreds of commercial and residential property owners throughout the East Coast.

In 1991, I was appointed Acting Senior Review Appraiser (GS-14) for the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) and earned a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser licensing when appraiser licensing took effect in 1992.

Professional Education Services

Ken Jones

One of My Seminars (c. 1993)

When real estate appraiser licensing became effective in January 1992, it required mandatory pre-licensing and continuing education. Recognizing the need for private, professional real estate appraiser education services, I created The Institute of Real Estate Technologies in January 1992.

I developed pre-licensing courses and continuing education seminars and obtained accreditation in 21 states. In the next few years, I trained thousands of real estate professionals.

Looking for a change of scenery, in 2001, we moved to Arizona. I became a licensed real estate broker and a certified general appraiser. I was also certified as a real estate education provider and instructor by the Arizona Department of Real Estate (ADRE) for pre-licensing courses and continuing education seminars.

Having kept my New Jersey real estate brokerage and appraisal businesses active, after several years of commuting, in late 2015, we decided to move back to New Jersey permanently.