I'm Ken Jones

You may like me.

You may not.

But you will not ignore me.

Today, real estate agents are under attack from lawsuits, government regulation, and industry disruptors that are threatening their very existence.

After being in the real estate industry for more than 5 decades, I have a deep love of the industry and a healthy respect for those who dedicate themselves to it and rely on it for their livelihood.

I've heard the call and I'm here to help them to

  • Grow their business,
  • Lower their expenses, and
  • Have more personal time.

And above all, to help them reclaim their dignity and professional reputation.

Ken Jones

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My Top 10 Core Beliefs

  • Honor. Always do the right thing, even when you're alone and no one is watching you.
  • Respect Yourself. If you wish to be treated like a respected professional, respect and value your time, your knowledge and experience; act with honor and dignity, and never sacrifice your principles.
  • Always be truthful with both clients and customers within the legal boundaries of your fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Family. Anyone who neglects their family in pursuit of money deserves neither. 
  • Wealth is freedom. The more wealth you have, the more freedom you will enjoy.
  • Equal Opportunity. Every working person at virtually every income level can build wealth by investing in real estate.
  • Dedication. Anyone who devotes themselves to do so, can reach the maximum level of success their abilities can achieve.
  • Risk. It is impossible to eliminate risk. But you can learn how to minimize it to an acceptable and manageable level.
  • Training. Professional real estate training should provide the student with useful and practical information having value greater than its cost.

Life & Career Snapshots

Before real estate, I was a professional recording artist starting at age 14. By the time I was 19, I had become a studio musician in Manhattan (NYC) and at 20, the lead singer/keyboard player for the 1960s hit rock band, The Strangeloves,.

At the end of my music career, I attempted to fit into corporate life (which was not for me). Then, a friend suggested that I try real estate, and having no other opportunities on the horizon, I got my real estate license and started my real estate career in July 1971 as a New Jersey real estate salesman.

Ken Jones

Having been selling things since I was a kid selling Christmas cards door-to-door, selling real estate came naturally; I was an immediate success right out of the gate.

Ken Jones

Our Original Business Card

After years of working for other firms, I opened my real estate agency in January 1978 and started training my new agents. The company was an "independent firm," meaning it did not belong to a multiple listing service.

Success came quickly due to my aggressive marketing strategy and unique advertising programs that won several "Best Advertising" awards from the New Jersey Press Association.

The early 1980s brought 18½% interest rates, driving many agents out of the business. At that time, a local appraiser was retiring and asked me to take over his business that specialized in property tax appeals.

I expanded into real estate appraisals and specialized in tax appeals and eminent domain/condemnation issues. I earned the Certified Tax Assessor certification from the New Jersey Division of Taxation and earned two professional designations from the American Society of Appraisers.

My First Office
Fords, Woodbridge Twp, NJ

As part of my tax appeal business, I created Liberty Assessment Consultantshelping reduce real estate taxes for hundreds of commercial and residential property owners throughout the East Coast.

In 1991, I was appointed Acting Senior Review Appraiser (GS-14) for the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) and earned a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser license when appraiser licensing became effective in 1992.

Professional Education

Ken Jones

One of My Seminars (c. 1993)

In 1982, I became certified by the New Jersey Real Estate Commission as a Real Estate Instructor for pre-licensing real estate sales and broker courses.

Real estate appraiser licensing became effective in January 1992 and required pre-licensing education and continuing ed. Recognizing the need for professional real estate appraiser education services, I created The Institute of Real Estate Technologies in January 1992.

My pre-licensing appraisal courses and continuing education seminars were accredited by the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs and in 20 other states. In the years that followed, I trained thousands of real estate professionals in many states along the east coast.

In 2001, I moved to Arizona and became a licensed real estate broker, a certified general appraiser, and a certified real estate education provider by the Arizona Department of Real Estate (ADRE).

After years of commuting between Arizona and my businesses in New Jersey, I moved back to New Jersey in early 2016.

Today and Tomorrow

Over more than 5 decades of being part of the real estate industry, I've seen it transform from a small, local "mom & pop" type of business with 5-10 agents to dominance by national and multi-national brokerage companies with thousands of agents.

During that time, I've also seen real estate agents become burdened with more and more demands on their time by a public who want more and more services for lower and lower fees.

Unfortunately, because most agents catered to these demands, many of which are unreasonable, they've instilled a sense of entitlement in the public mindset that has resulted in a gross disrespect for real estate agents and the residential real estate brokerage industry.

As a result, many real estate agents now suffer serious emotional distress and depression. Many are grasping at straws, wasting their money on useless products and services in their attempts to improve their declining business opportunities. And many have lost all hope and their professional self-respect.

My goal is to help real estate agents restore their professional stature and expand their business opportunities while lowering their operating expenses and having more personal time to decompress and enjoy their family and friends.

If you're having issues with your real estate career that you'd like to discuss, contact me and let's talk about it.