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If you're thinking about investing your time and money on my training, I think you should know and understand my views of the real estate industry, in general.

My Views


I believe that the best way for most people to build wealth is to buy and hold income-producing property that will, a) provide them an annual income, and 2) increase in value over a period of years.

I also believe, that the ideal investment strategy provides for the acquisition of multiple income-producing properties, and to acquire additional properties by "trading-up" using the benefits of the 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange.

As for "flipping" houses, it is definitely not an investment, but a business; one that I strongly believe should be left to those with the appropriate level of knowledge and experience, as well as having the ability to tolerate this high-risk activity.


It's my view, that the present business structure of the real estate brokerage industry is seriously outdated, especially in the residential sector.

The combination of the virtual absence of sufficient professional training of residential real estate agents, (especially the newly licensed) combined with the lack of adequate professional oversight has resulted in an unstructured, free-for-all atmosphere.

Add to these issues, the onset of significant technological advances and consumer DIY services, like, and you have the "perfect storm" of events that will likely reduce the need for licensed real estate agents by 50% by 2025.


Once the most prestigious of real estate professionals, the appraisal industry is now on its death bed.

Since the inception of the licensing of real estate appraisers in 1992 

there's been a prohibitive level of prerequisite education, an ever changing and confusing regulatory structure, plus a huge increase in appraiser liability with virtually no benefit to the industry or the public.

The most endangered is the residential real estate appraiser who makes less in real dollar terms in 2016 than in they did in 1986.

And, with virtually no "new blood," the average age of a real estate appraiser is over 60 years old.


Training one to expand their skills is beneficial to the elevation of both that person and their industry; that's especially true of the real estate industry.

I provide factual information in an entertaining and objective manner and challenge the student's critical thought process with practical examples for the appropriate use of that information.

I employ the Socratic method; involving the student in a discussion of a topic. I believe this method provides the probability for a better understanding and retention of the subject matter.

While I strongly believe the live presentation is the most beneficial to the student, I also recognize the benefits of online instruction.

I hope you have a better understanding of how I view the real estate industry, in general.

Hopefully, you and I are pretty much in sync on our general industry views. And, hopefully, together we can move forward to helping you become a more successful real estate entrepreneur.

If there's anything more you'd like to know about me, just click the Start recording button below and leave me a voice message right from your computer. Or, send me an email, if you prefer.