August 6


Plan Your Success – Setting Your Investment Goals

Plan Your Success - Setting Your Investment Goals is the second in Ken's multi-show series based on his book, The Basics of Real Estate Investing - The 10 Things You Must Know.

In this show, Ken explains the critical importance of setting a realistic investment goal. He also provides guidance on how to go about create your goal, as well as a detailed explanation of how to create a practical strategy to reach your goal.

Because the information in this show refers to the structure and function of a basic income and expense statement, Ken will provide a copy of his referenced worksheet for your review, as well as a complete transcript of this show to anyone who requests a copy of this information.

To request today's show information, or if you have a question you'd like to ask, either click on the  ​START RECORDING button below. Or, send me an email from the Contact Me page.


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