October 1


Video Surveillance by Home Sellers

In this episode, I discuss the very hot safety issue of whether or not it's a good idea for home sellers to use video surveillance to monitor buyers and real estate agents when their selling their home.

I raise some very important questions regarding the expectation of privacy of buyers and real estate agents, as well as the laws that govern the legal use of video and audio surveillance.

Finally, I offer my own professional opinion as to whether or not a home seller should use video surveillance to monitor prospective buyers and their agents and the reasoning for my opinion.

I'd like to than Hannah Williams, an agent with RE/MAX Eastern, Inc. who works in the Philadelphia and Bucks County, PA market area for writing her blog post, Video Recording Buyers When Showing Houses Part 1 which inspired me to address this issue.

What's are your thoughts about this?

Leave me your comment or press the  Start recording  button below and leave me a voice message telling me your thoughts on this issue.


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